Delivery & FAQs


Opening Times

Embellish is open Monday to Friday 9:00am - 5:30pm. We are not open on weekends and public holidays.

We accept orders for delivery on weekends and these will need to be placed by 5pm on Friday to ensure delivery.

Sunday delivery incurs an extra $20 delivery fee and must be ordered by phone to ensure delivery.

 Orders received out of these hours will be delivered the next business day.

We open on Valentines and Mothers day weekends.

Embellish Guarantee

Embellish guarantee to use only fresh, quality flowers.

The flowers are personally picked out at the markets on a daily basis. only use the  freshest flowers as we believe in providing the high standard of product along with our high standard of service.

If you are not completely satisfied with your flowers, contact us within 48 hours and with the return of the original flowers a replacement will be supplied to you at no cost.. We expect more of our flowers and our suppliers, so anything else would be unreasonable.

Your feedback is very important to us and if there is a problem we would love to resolve it as soon as possible.

Please contact Embellish 08 8212 6588 or send us an email with a picture at


To help your order arrive as requested please ensure all the contact details are correct and a phone number is provided for the recipient. Incorrect delivery information will incur a redelivery fee if required.

Due to the large volume of orders we are unable to guarantee times for deliveries on Valentine's Day and Mothers Day.

Businesses will be delivered between 9am and 5pm. Please advise us if the person is leaving work before this.

If you have any questions please email us at



*** Delivery distance is calculated by whole suburbs and not individual locations.

Additional delivery charges:

Funerals and Timed jobs  (less than 2 hours delivery) $10

After hours delivery 4pm - 6pm $10

Sunday delivery $20 plus normal delivery charge

Express delivery (under 1 hour) $25 plus normal delivery

Ordering from Embellish is friendly, secure and quick. Embellish have been expertly delivering beautiful flowers and gifts for over 15 years. Whilst all care is taken once the flowers leave our shop we cannot accept responsibility for them.

Payment Options

At Embellish we accept Mastercard, Visa and American Express. Payments online are also accepted by all these cards. EFTPOS available in store and account clients are able to pay by bank transfer. Of course we also take cash!

Confirmation of your payment is taken as acceptance of all charges displayed prior to the transaction being processed.

What are Embellish's normal delivery days and times?

Normal delivery hours for Embellish are between 9am and 5pm Monday-Saturday.

Where AM or PM delivery is specified, we wil endevour to deliver within this time frame though we cannot provide a guarantee.

AM deliveries for Monday morning dates are not available.

Timed deliveries, Sunday deliveries and Funeral deliveries incur extra charges. We will call for additional charges to be paid for.

Where do we deliver to?

Embellish is able to deliver to Adelaide City and all its metropolitan suburbs.

For overseas and interstate deliveries Embellish has a network of affiliates around the world and can deliver to almost anywhere. Please note that products, packaging and or containers may vary in some interstate and or regional areas.



What is the deadline for placing an order online to guarantee same-day delivery?

Orders must be placed by 12.30pm (AEST) Monday - Friday for same day delivery.

Orders for delivery on the weekend MUST be placed by previous Friday 3 pm.

If you are not sure, please contact us in the shop and we will let you know if we can still get your order out that day.

As Embellish is closed on the weekends and public holidays, If an order is placed outside our normal hours, we will deliver your gift on the next business day.

ALL orders placed on a Saturday or Sunday will be processed on the following Monday morning. Any specific information about your delivery will be forwarded to you at that time.


Our secure online website is for you and made so it is easy for you to order our beautiful products.

If you have any extra information, colour requests or preferences, please indicate this in the "delivery instructions".

Please supply us with as much information as possible such as the recipients contact number and their work details of delivering to a business.


Embellish Substitution Policy

Pictures supplied online and instore are sample pictures only and no guarantee of exact same flowers. Where possible we will provide flowers to match and otherwise will substitute for similar products.

What happens if the recipient is not at home?

Our couriers are experienced floral delivery specialists. If the recipient is not home when the delivery is made the gift will be left in a safe ane secure spot with a note left in the door or the letter box.  Additional Charges may apply for any redelivery if the recipient information is incorrect.

What happens if the delivery details supplied are incorrect?

Firstly, Embellish will attempt to find the correct address.

If the flowers are delivered to the address supplied by the customer and the address is incorrect, Embellish will contact the customer and additional charges may apply for re-delivery.

If the flowers are delivered to an incorrect address due to the customers information and are not recovered, Embellish can not accept any responsibility for such loss. It is the obligation of the customer to supply accurate details at the time of ordering.

Further Information

Please if you have any questions do not hesitate to contact one of our friendly staff members to answer any further queries or concerns you may have.

Phone: 08 8212 6588 or email




Flower & Plant Care

We hope these care tips will educate, inform and inspire you. By following our simple instructions, you will gain extra life and pleasure from your flowers. Please call us with any questions about flower care and we'll be happy to help you.

Caring for cut flowers:
  • Fill a deep vase with clean water.  Ensure the vase is clean, as bacteria harms flowers. Note Gerberas only like a little water as too much makes their stems expire quickly.
  • Take approximately 2cm off all stems, making a slanted cut with a sharp knife or very sharp scissors and remove leaves that will fall below the waterline.
  • Avoid direct sunlight, heat or draughts which can shorten flowers' lives and keep flowers away from fruit.
  • Top up the water regularly, add flower food in proportion and remove faded flowers as they occur.
Caring for arrangements:
  • Remove stamens as they appear to avoid a mess after
  • Never let the oasis (green foam) dry out. Simply add water to the oasis daily and enjoy.
Speciality flower care:
for roses:
  • Refresh the vase and water daily. If roses begin to wilt, re-cut the stems.
  • If you have received your roses while at the office, they can be left in the box with the water vials until you arrive home.
for tropical flowers: (blooms include: Heliconia, Orchids, Anthuriums)
  • A regular misting with a fine spray and a wipe over with a damp cloth will ensure your tropical flowers retain their glossy foliage.
for lilums:
  • To prevent pollen stains, remove stamens by gently pulling them up out of the flower with a tissue.
  • Pollen stains can be brushed off or capture the pollen with cellotape & remove. If pollen gets into the fabric, treat as you would an-oil based stain.
for tulips:
  • Tulips continue to grow after they are cut, stretching towards a light source.
  • Turn your vase occasionally to ensure an even growth of your tulips.
  • Never mix tulips and daffodils as daffodils emit sap which can contaminate the water.
  • Add water regularly - tulips are a thirsty lot!
Ten Tips for healthier plants:
  1. When deciding on a location for the plant, consider its preferred light & heat levels. For example, plants that like high humidity (eg: maiden hair ferns) will flourish in a bathroom.
  2. Position plants away from strong heat or cold draughts.
  3. Water most plants from below and provide good drainage.
  4. Most plants prefer to dry out a little between thorough waterings.
  5. Feed plants regularly with the appropriate food.
  6. Give broad glossy leaves an occasional wipe with a damp cloth.
  7. Pruning plants can encourage new growth.
  8. Flowering plants kept slightly pot bound will produce more flowers
  9. Check your plants regularly for signs of stress, pests or disease & treat accordingly.
  10. Remove dead leaves and flowers as they occur.
Specialist Plant Care:
Caring for orchid plants:
  • Orchids enjoy bright but not direct light
  • Don't overwater! Watering is best done from above using either a watering can or hose, or you can soak the pot in water for a minute or so.
  • Ensure the plant has good drainage.
  • Pruning - when flowers finish, cut the stem approximately 3cm from base & a new stem will shoot in the following season.
  • Feeding - use commercial orchid fertiliser, as directed
Caring for cyclamen plants:
  • Keep soil moist and do not over-water.
  • Never let your cyclamen sit in water.
  • Position for morning light and avoid draughts.